Board of Directors

Our Executive and Board are democratically elected at the Annual General Meeting held each year.  This list reflects the Nov 26, 2016 AGM, except that it has been updated based on the January 28, 2017 Extraordinary General Meeting.

Current Board Executive

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Stephen Nemeth
stephen at bmwccbc dot org

Vice President
Darren Racine
darren at bmwccbc dot org

Rod Meares
rod at bmwccbc dot org

David Gray
david at bmwccbc dot org

Past President
Doug Temlett
doug at bmwccbc dot org


BMW Car Club of BC – Current List of Directors

Commerford, Kevin

Fort, Paul

Furuya, Grant

Gray, David
Treasurer, Director, Concours Team, Dealer Liason Team

Jones, Chelsea

Male, Jeff

Meares, Rod
Secretary, Director

Merkins, Daniel

Nemeth, Stephen
President, Director, Driver Training Team

Pregal, Antonio (Tony)
Director, Driver Training Team

Racine, Darren
Vice President, Director, Driver Training Team

Shore, Richard
Director, Dealer Liason Team

Temlett, Doug
Past President, Director, Photograhy, Driver Training Team

Westmacott, James (Jim)
Director, Events Team, Clubs Canada rep, and Clubs Canada Secretary