The BMW Car Club of BC is a non profit club serving the needs of BMW enthusiasts in British Columbia Canada.

Our club was formed April of 1998 to meet the needs of local BMW owners and enthusiasts (we are the proud owners of a variety of cars from 1937 vintage to current models). The club formally organized itself in May of 1998 when the 6 founding directors held a meeting and set the ground rules for the clubs goals and day to day operation.

Our founding mission and goal is to: promote the enjoyment and sharing of good will and fellowship derived from owning a BMW automobile, and engage in such social and other events as may be agreeable to the membership, in harmony with the Club’s general objectives.

We operate under the guidelines set forth by the International Council of BMW Clubs in Munich, and we are a member club of the BMW Club of Canada.

The International Council Guidelines state in part “…that all BMW Clubs are democratically run, apolitical, multi-denominational and non- profit-orientated. The various touristic, motorsport and social events organized by the Clubs should aim to cultivate a positive image of the BMW marque and company. It stands to reason, for every club member is automatically an ambassador of BMW. “

We hope you find that we strive hard in our club to apply those guidelines.

We promote cooperation with other BMW Clubs throughout the world through the exchange of ideas and suggestions, and cooperation with the International Council of BMW Clubs.

As a member of the BMW Club of Canada, we have grown to become the largest member club representing BMW owners and enthusiasts in our country.

As a member club of the BMW Club of Canada, the BMW Car Club of British Columbia is also affiliated with the International Council of BMW Clubs which governs BMW Clubs around the world. Recognized clubs are supported by the International Council which provides the club link to BMW AG and grants clubs the use of the BMW name and logo for club use. Affiliated clubs are NOT authorized to act on behalf of, and are NOT representatives of, or for BMW Canada Inc., or BMW AG.