Membership Benefits

In addition to the fellowship experienced by being part of the club, your $45 per year membership gives you access to the following:

  • Regular club events, meetings and activities (driving events, socials, tech sessions)
  • Annual BMW Harrison Fun Run, Annual Concours d’ Elegance and BMW Heritage Celebration Event.
  • Advanced Driver Training Program a graduated program covering basic to advanced skills for effective car control
  • Invitations to special member-only events (in cooperation with our sponsors
  • Exclusive Club News for members via a private email list for members only.
  • Discounts at club Corporate Sponsors, dealers, specialty shops, parts suppliers and tuners
  • Access to 2% BMW Group Canada Reward discount that applies to new car purchases
  • Access to nice BMW and club merchandise (T-Shirts, clotthing, and other items) and group buy programs
  • An identifying window sticker based on our club emblem
  • A personalized club membership card that identifies you to sponsors and at club events.

We also offer an associate membership for an additional $5 / year for family members living at the same address.